Organic Wedding in Italy

Since my trip to the end of the year I have not set foot in Italy, beautiful Italy. It was at the hand of my older sister, where the Baci chocolates walks through the night streets of Venice, Rome, Pisa … and the odd sigh for preadolescent love traveling outside their country for the first time were not lacking. Now it was time to go hand in hand with Yolanda & Chris.

This time I had to go to Rivadello to portray the love of Yolanda & Chris.

They got married on the Amalfi coast, which is in southern Italy. Villa Cimbrone, they say that the villa dates back to at least the 11th century AD. And although all of it is INCREDIBLY PRETTY, above all it is famous for its beautiful viewpoint, known as the Terrazo dell’lnfinito (the Terrace of Infinity). If it is romantic even its history.

And to top it all off, I, who am a geek from Marvel and DC, found out when I got there that scenes from some of my favorite movies were shot. Wonderwoman. She was like a little girl, dreaming with her eyes open, what it would have been like if that place really were land of the Amazons.

I went to that trip with my partner in crime, my dear Alberto Desna. With him I would go to the end of the world.

So if we put all these ingredients in a mixer, it can only come out an extraordinary weekend, one of those that you want to repeat more than once a year. (Sigh)

That day, thanks to Valentina de Bespoke Unique Wedding and events, everything went beautifully. It was really harmonious to work hand in hand with her. Always with a smile, with a super powerful energy that did not drop anyone with the passing of the hours.

I don’t want to forget to name the brutal makeup artist we had the honor of meeting, Anna Kalytyak, (Bridal Make – Up & Hair).

Yolanda wanted super natural makeup and IMHO they are the most difficult makeup to do, but she did it perfectly.

Yolanda is as beautiful inside as outside. Her black curls and her eternal smile, made her a spectacular girlfriend, no matter what she wore, she shines on her own.

Together with Chris they make a couple full of harmony, just by looking at them once, you knew that they loved each other from within, of that love that is a mature love.

I declare myself unconditionally in love with destination weddings.

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