Hacía más de media vida que no pisaba esta isla, Menorca y he de reconocer que de todas eIt was more than half a life since I stepped on this island, Menorca and I must admit that of all of them it is the one I liked the least.

But I just realized it was a vague memory I had of her. Because when Victoria & Richard took me there from England, to portray their love story. I fell at his feet. Seeing that sunset in Can, when I went the day before to meet them and finalize the last details, I could see that I was totally confused. Its colors reminded me of the colors of Tuscany, that sunset that made it look like it was raining gold shavings on the vineyards. Sometimes I feel like I can’t even portray half the beauty that the nature.

Victoria is so incredible, lover of aesthetics and perfection, she wanted to put on makeup. Quite a ritual to see how she enjoyed it, how delicate and meticulous she is with the whole process. The truth that it was wonderful to be able to witness it.

Running, I went to the groom’s Villa to take pictures with his bridesmaids. How I like this moment, it is one of those things that I would love for us to adopt as a custom, I always say it, I know, but it seems to me wonderful to see how men are involved at the same level or more than women in weddings.

And again she was already at the hotel with Victoria, her bridesmaids had just arrived as she finished grooming with her mother while her father was on his way to take her to the altar.

Other moments that seem super nice to me. More since I was a mother. That moment when the father and the daughter reciprocally look at each other for the first time before saying yes. How should the father feel? Because I put myself in his place and as a mother, I think that my great love, my son, would spend the whole life in front of my eyes, pawning them and making it difficult for me to see, the man he has become. I get excited just thinking about it. The truth that a wedding is much more than a yes, I want. Or the love that two people have. There are many faces of love manifesting that day. So I do weddings. So I love my job. That’s why I fight to be able to maintain this crazy rhythm that is to be a destination wedding photographer. Because making a living by portraying love is a privilege.

Thanks to all my beautiful couples for giving me that opportunity and for all those who want me to be their photographer but I could not have the date busy.

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