They are to take them home. That would be my summary.
They contacted me thanks to 21deMarzo, I have already told you about them in other posts. If they come from them, you know they will be just great!

We did the pre-wedding at Cadaquest, they told me how much they liked going there with Bruss, in another four-legged member of the family. He did not come because he likes the water so much that I would not have allowed him to take a single photo and I believe it, since I have a Labrador earthquake and I know what they are talking about.

+ We had a wonderful afternoon, it was very hot for us, but they ended up in the water like two newly in love. Because this is how I see them. It seems incredible that they take so long, because when you look at each other, you can still feel that “electric” part of the beginning of a relationship.

I think I would dare to say that what happened to me with the two of them, with Sandra & Victor, happens to most people. What do you want from the first day. I thought about it when I met them, but on the day I did their wedding, seeing how the groomsmen could hardly read it to give her the flowers, as everyone around them looked at her with so much tenderness and love … just like the ceremony, I think never I had seen so many excited people looking at them.

I believe that life gives you back what you give or rather, what you are sown. And it was clear that they had been sowing love all their lives.

I am lucky that we still have the post-wedding pending, which means that if or if, I will coincide with them again, pending to choose the place and the day. That I am sure that wherever it is, history will repeat itself.

Laughter – Love – Complicity.

Always yours.

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