I love when the person who is on the other side and is interested in my services, is dedicated to the image, aesthetics or audiovisuals. They are mixed and in a way, mixed emotions.
Because it is exciting for someone to notice you working in the sector and, on the other hand, we are more demanding clients among ourselves. It is inevitable, I think it happens in all professions.

Sally told me that she was getting married in Brussels and that she was available on her wedding day. I remember the first day I spoke to her via facetime, she had a radiant sun in the middle of winter that caressed her face and made her smile even more magical.

She is one of those women that you see and you notice a wonderwoman. It has a dazzling energy at the same time as overwhelming, I could stay talking to them for hours and hours, a pity that my English does not give so much hehehe. After meeting her mother, I understood where so much charisma came from. Another woman who caught me the moment I met her.

And the most beautiful thing is that I met her more than 4 years ago, I think I remember at her friend’s wedding, who was now going to be her makeup artist. So being with both of them was again a gift of life.

Since I was little it has always been a dream, due to my high “addiction” to chocolate, to travel to Bruges. So that trip was for me !! Portray the love of that amazing woman and her partner Marc and then give me an excursion with myself to Bruges.

The wedding venue was truly idyllic. But before talking about the place I would like to tell you what I liked most about the church. They all sang together !! The energy was in the air, it was palpable, it hugged and excited you, see how everyone wrapped up the two of you. MAGIC.

Returning to the venue. Despite being very cold, being able to walk through that park until you reach a place where a man with a nice smile is waiting for you and invites you to get on a kind of boat to take you to the other side where the rest of the wedding will be held, It made that little discomfort from the cold worth it, and what are we going to do if one is a whopping one. 🙂

Something that I also loved was the wedding cake, which was cut during the cocktail and was cheese, really fun and personal. I love those little details that make my partners unique.

And the other thing was, when father Sally’s father played the opening song for the party with the piano. Pure love.

About my trip to Bruges, we left it for another day because it deserves a very long post with everything I felt and knew.

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