SieI have always been in love with the colors of India and its customs. I guess talking about something you don’t know is a way to idealize everything.

People I know who have been to India all tell me exactly the same thing. India, either you fall in love or you don’t want to return anymore. But it never leaves you indifferent.

I have not yet met India but I had the gift of being able to do a Hindu Wedding with Rosie & Greg.

They got married in a Villa in Mallorca lost in the wonderful mountains. The first day was a more western ceremony, but something very close and real. Where only the most direct family and friends were.
It was intimate and cozy but no less fun, where almost the entire wedding in the pool ended at night.

And on the second day, we start with a ritual that only goes to the woman, her family and friends. I found it super nice how everyone “hugged” and honored the bride.

After the ritual, they all went to their rooms and prepared for a Hindu Ceremony. How much color! How much beauty!

I loved it when the bride’s family wait for the groom’s family and prepare him to say yes, as is done in his land.

It was wonderful to be present to see how customs were exchanged and it was the bonds of love that made this possible. Once again, life shows us the way.

Respect and love.

The sweetness of Rosie and the eternal smile of Greg make them an endearing couple and I am a lucky photographer for letting me tell their story.

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