Rachel & Danny’s wedding was a very special date for me, because for the first time since my little one was born, I was going to wake up on my birthday away from home and away from him. And that hurt.

Again I found myself in the position of choosing, of making decisions that weigh heavily. Over time I have learned that it is not the things that happen to us but how we deal with them.

After doing a job with myself. I took a breath and said to my dear son, darling !!! Mom won’t be home on her birthday (with much emphasis and joy), but you know what ?! It will be very strange and fun for mom, because I will have more birthday hours, (with a mysterious tone), because when I have started my birthday in Spain it will still be 7 in the afternoon in Miami and when I arrive in Spain for me it will be one day again, even if it is noon. How cool! And without letting him say anything, I keep telling him … and I have thought that how we never eat together, if there are no delays on the plane, Mom will run to school, she will pick you up and we will celebrate only the two where you want! How about?!

He was excited, while I … was broken inside, but happy to have found a way to make Noah happy, to be able to work and to feel lucky to be able to have my company and my family at the same time.

Danny asked Rachel for her hand in Jaipur, India. In a mausoleum where the single princesses were buried. It seemed such a romantic act to me. How I like those details when they tell me.

This wedding is the most multiracial I have ever experienced, it was so fantastic to feel it. Like each and every one of them they were united by the love of two people. Just writing the post, I can still smile reliving those moments.

What love does not achieve, there is no thing, person or emotion that does. Love is everything.

And when I speak of love, I am not speaking only of love as a couple, it speaks of all its facets.

And as a finishing touch, the wedding planner was Christyandco’s company! A bride I had who later radically changed her life to do what she really liked, to be Wedding Planner.

I don’t know, when you take time to think things over, you realize that in the end all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

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