It was 21deMarzo catering who put me in contact with Oscar & Alex.

For those who do not know them, 21 deMarzo, they were pioneers or at least for me, in being different, in doing really different things, beautiful and exquisite. Revolutionizing the wedding sector without a doubt.

And I feel lucky to have worked with them on many occasions.

About Oscar & Alex … they are one. So, I don’t really like that expression because I think that individuality is very beautiful and important. But it is that when you look at them and see how they look, how they speak, the gestures, their stories, you see only one. They simply merge.

I really liked that we had my partner Alicia Mess, a few minutes before her friends arrived, alone with their dogs. Because in the end the family you create as you want and it was clear that the 4 of them were a family, which they did not know that later they were going to take them by surprise to the ceremony, and that was really cool!

They decided to dress together and what a beautiful way to do it. They had everything perfectly put together, with small details perhaps invaluable to someone who does not notice, but they, they did know that they were intertwined, by ties, socks, watches, again they were being one.

That little #Beachclub terrace looks like it has witnessed many wonderful moments of them with their friends and I feel that they wanted to create another wonderful moment in it for memories, on their wedding day.

And the rest of the love story happened at Castell De Benviure, a place with an intimate family history.

And while I finished firstlook, there they were all waiting for them to arrive with their eternal smiles and illuminate everything with their love. As her master of ceremonies said that day. Where he made it very clear that love is LOVE.

And they are that … LOVE.

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