My history with Marina goes back to a moment in the life of those we call coincidences.

I was working at a wedding in one of my favorite restaurants in Ibiza, La Escollera and the couple had hired a Wedding Planner after me.

And that’s where Marina comes in, she was the Wedding Planner.

It was love at first sight, we had a wonderful connection talking about life and what we love about sport and how life forcibly separated us from the competition of our respective sports. We spend our free moments talking as if we have known each other for life.

So the day a Wedding Planner calls you and asks you to be their wedding photographer, with the number of incredible photographers she knows, and she chooses you … that day you smile a lot, but a lot.

Adding to that, your wedding will be organized by the first Wedding Planners that you noticed when you started to be a Wedding photographer … my beloved Story Weddings and it was as I expected, a real honor to work with you.

And with José Fernandez Life, videographer, that there is no wedding with him without our little moments fixing the world.

So I spent the year crossing out the remaining days to do their wedding.

Marina was telling me little things about how her day was going to be and I noticed how she was getting nervous little by little, normal thing. She told me that now she understood her girlfriends more than ever. Which made me smile because there is nothing like being in the skin of the other. I thought that on her wedding day she would be very nervous about wanting to organize everything, which is normal given that she had her profession.

But nothing is further from reality, I really wish that all the brides enjoyed their weddings as much as Marina did with Zac, that man who looks at her knowing that she is undoubtedly her life partner.

Thank you for making me feel like always one more in the family, my beautiful Marina.

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