Carmen from Majorcaweddings wrote to tell me about them and to find out if she had the date available.

That week was really crazy, because I had 7 weddings in 9 days and all in different places. But when she told me what the wedding would be like and I had the opportunity to meet the bride and groom via skype, I was the one who was looking forward to being told if I want to !!

So it was. Both the pre-wedding and the wedding, it was in Mallorca. One of our beautiful islands.
I have always been in love with Ibiza, they have been going every year for more than 20 years, but I have to admit that lately Mallorca and Menorca have been surprising me a lot.

They have an incredible light, like all the places bathed in the Mediterranean, but sometimes it reminds me of the weddings I have made in Tuscany.

Working with Carmen is always easy and beautiful!

I remember that hottest day I have ever worked climbing those stairs to get to Casa Agosto with Mayte de a Par de Medias. But when we got home and walked in … it was more than worth it.

There was Mariana, with her friends and her mother. There was such a wonderful atmosphere in the house, between laughs remembering the night before and champagne, they were getting ready all together. Until it was time to put the dress on.

That moment, even the calmest girlfriend, changes her face, fills her with emotion and nerves because now, yes, the time has come! I LOVE IT!!!!

And we ran to the church where Anthony was waiting for him at the altar, wishing we could see her. It is exciting to see their faces when they see “his girl” slowly approaching. There are key moments that we really are vocational wedding photographers, very fortunate to be able to be.

Dinner was at Fangar Agroturismo, an old Mallorcan farm from the 18th century, which I cannot, or rather, cannot find words to describe how beautiful and wonderful it is. Just like its owner.

Thank you and a thousand times thanks to the entire team that day. But especially to you, Carmen for making it possible and beautiful.

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