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Je t’aime… I guess that in the end we all dream of a way to give and receive love… and I say I guess because I never wanted to do it. But now, I often think about it, right now, that my heart is free. Curious huh? I dream about fall in love, feel again this unconditional love that made me left everything to pursue it, however this time I dream to be reciprocal and that fate have prepared a happy ending for us. My life since the age of 19 is always resolutely linked to the North of Spain, notably in Bilbao, the second home, as I like to call it. I only have to reach the surroundings of Arrigorriaga to feel home. I have a love-hate relationship with it, because I love it as much as I love the Sun, so my perfect life would be to live there all summers and winters… that’s what I thought:). I wanted to make an inspirational, with a real couple, a couple who spent years loving each other and going through the tests of life. That’s when Marta & Mauri crossed my life, they loved each other for more than 10 years… For me it was perfect. So I started to work. The hamlet Olagorta went through a reform, leaving a French air in every corner. On the other hand was the brand Laure de Sagazan, whose finesse and style matched with the femininity of my bride. It was clear that I wanted to create a team full of great suppliers and that were my friends, I wanted something special because I think that somehow it was like arranging a wedding for myself… As in each inspirational that I do. Thanks to Eugenia Bengoechea, (Director of Olagorta), we began to brainstorm and create what was a true love story for us. To not extend me I’ll leave the images speak a bit more about all of this… begin. Mentioning each and every one of the collaborators at the end of the session, like I do in every post. When the heart is decided, when you have the courage to change the path, you must not wait. //The most beautiful love is a wrong calculation, an exception that proves the rule, that thing that you always used the word “never” for.

VideoMakers: UnParDeMedias

Dress: Flordeasoka // Laure de Sagazan

Groom’s suit: Swing Madrid

Property: Olagorta

Wedding Planner: Itziar Ortuondo

Hotel: Hotel Embarcadero

Bouquet: Masshiro

Guests: Beba´s closet

Invitations: Invitarte

Headdresses: Suma Cruz

Proposal ring: Good After nine

Wedding ring: Perodri

Guests purses: Mércules

Car: 60 por hora

Tipi: Tipiland Factory

Guests Jewelry: Inés Susaeta

Floral decoration: Vayco

Make up & Hair: Amaia Lauzirika

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