Jane & Philip’s wedding in the Bahamas was super sweet. I have to say that I have a weakness for couples who decide to do First Look at their wedding. Having that intimate moment with them, and being able to portray those revealing looks between them before going to the altar is exciting.
They really keep making my hair stand on end when I take these photos.

Each culture has its customs and in the United States, many of the couples who get married take photos with family and friends just after the first look. This causes them to enter much more laughing and relaxed at the ceremony and that was how it happened with Jane and Philip.

The entire wedding, including the ceremony, was held at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar hotel. Hotel weddings have always seemed colder to me. I suppose that for my love of nature and open spaces. However, in this hotel each and every one of its spaces was truly endearing. In addition to being aesthetically very beautiful, it was very much like for the bride and groom as they were all in the same place, but in different locations. They were able to get the most out of their wedding day.

Something that I really like about American weddings is the important role that friends have. For example, the figure of the Bestmen, who accompanies the groom at all times and introduces the newlyweds to the most important moments or the bridemaids, who are with the bride from early in the morning and no longer separate from her until ceremony. These customs seem very nice to me, because the family is very important but also the friends, who after all are the family that we choose.

Again the mix of cultures was a truly magical feeling.

I adore the American customs, they make me feel at home and remember my childhood.

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