The wedding of Eugenia and Ramón was, for me, more than just a wedding. It is impossible not to mix what you feel about a person when you work, then give so much importance to ttat feeling that both sides can feel. But this time a friend is marrying, a friend that I have seen grow and become a great woman, an example to follow of fighter and human quality, which I cannot help but scream from the rooftops how much I love her and her journey companion, Ramón. (I find it rare to write these names because for me they are Ebu & Reimon: P).

I have spoken sometimes of the Caserío Olagorta…because… It has magic and not only for its impeccable cuisine and quality of treatment to the client, if not because it contains “secret stories from the youth” which belong to us, my dear friend. I remember the year that I have passed from distance, with the questions about the dress, shoes, headdresses… FRIEND I LOVE YOU! What a year!, but above all I remember when I told you; Ebu, to be honest, for me it is almost impossible to be surprised with Olagorta, few things surprise me at weddings, thanks to the luck that I have to travel and see thousands of places and decorations… and I’ll be honest, but I don’t think you can do it… BUT YOU DID, it was a wild nature, full of simplicity and good taste. You’ve had a great teacher, your beautiful mother and her flowers… that left me speechless.

The first dress that you took from the presentation of your mother from Severina, with the modification made by Carlota Hormaechea… could not be otherwise, something truly yours, fleeing from the typical and cliché. You are unique.

I have engraved in my heart that first hug when I came into your house, when before I get in I repeated: SARA DON’T CRY, DON’T CRY… but is now and however, writing this, I get touched… this hug, friend, I always carry it with me, I would not change anything from that moment, I love you my girl.

I wish you all the magic from the hand of that wonderful companion you have chosen, you could not have done better. I take you both as a jewel.

Great suppliers I’ve had the luck to work with, like:

Second dress: Otaduy by White Love Atelier

Headdresses, one of my FAVORITE brands: Suma Cruz

Shoes: Aquazzura

Earrings: Suarez

Calligraphy, invitations & seating plan: Srta_stardust

Centers: myvayco

Tent, porch and lamps: Elorz

Lighting: Sonort

Cocktail band: Street Messengers

Chaque: Sastrería Foraster

Cufflinks: Lander Urquijo

Makeup & hair: Amaia Lauzirika and Patricia Martin from La Pelu HIGHLY RECOMMENDED <3

Dj: Three amigos Deu (Was) and Pitu


And the video, I finally had lucky to work with Iñigo Santamaría.


And of course to my second, this time I was fortunate that she accompany me, my great friend and professional Ana Encabo although she already does not work as a second she is always there <3.





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