EsThis wedding was one of those that you can cross off a dream come true. Despite being a 24-hour trip, from the time you are at the airport until you arrive in Sant Luis Obisco, California. Driving on those roads, discovering these landscapes, as well as taking the adrenaline rush of finally meeting Claire & Jeff in person, made 24 hours pass without me knowing.

The next morning when I woke up, it was fascinating to know the small town of Sant Luis, it is so endearing. It was like being inside a movie, the kind I used to watch as a child. And I must admit that his church from 1772 stole my heart entirely upon seeing it. You could feel the weight of her story, you could feel her hugging you as soon as you set foot inside her.

But I have to admit that my favorite moment, after meeting Claire, was arriving at the Ranch where the cocktail, dinner and dance were made. The mixture of animals, nature, that full moon that bathed the night, the sweetness of the bride and groom and some guests full of good vibes, had me with a continuous smile drawing on my face.

Time has passed and continues to appear while I remember to write these lines.

I feel so grateful to my profession … to be able to be in that moment in which happiness is the main protagonist. Being a destination wedding photographer gives you the chance to get to know other customs, places, rituals, but especially its people. Life is a collection of moments that we are collecting through the passing of days. And this wedding is one of those moments, that I do not loose in my memory.

Claire, you know that you are still in my heart and that it keeps making me happy when we exchange a message on the networks, I am sure that one day we will see each other again.

Venue: Santa Margarita Ranch // WP: Sandcastle Celebrations // Videographer: Randy Cordero Catering: Ribline

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