Siempre he estado rodeada de cámaras o bien porque “jugaba” con ellas iI have always been surrounded by cameras either because I “played” with them trying to stop time with each shot, from my early age, or working in fashion for many years.

This made me have an obsession with the sense of aesthetics that I’m passionate about mixing it with the imperfection of the art of improvisation. What it’s like to be a wedding photographer.

So when Carmel & Dan wrote me to do their wedding and she told me that she works in a prestigious magazine in Dubai, I felt a mixture of emotions. Each and every one of them wonderful of course.

I love weddings of people from other countries where I learn new customs. Weddings where they already marry their children and they see in their eyes the reflection of the universal love they feel towards them. It is another different step of love.

Where the maturity and the firm step in life can be appreciated when they look each other in the eyes.

One of my “houses” got married, my beautiful Ibiza, that piece of land that at 19 years of age stole part of me and stayed there forever. Since then, every year of my life I have gone, sometimes just one day. But feeling its salt flavored breeze is priceless.

Wedding in Ibiza means joining two things that I love and make me feel happy. Photography more being in a place where I feel flying with the mere fact of being there.

La Escollera, had everything perfect as always. It is true that they are in a place full of magic and good vibes, but at the same time they take care and pamper every detail. With its wonderful team and incredible food.

Flowers: Floral Dreams Ibiza.
Sax: Deva Alchi
Singer: Jude Elliott
Videographer: Tanit Wedding Films
Car: Ducks United

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