Carina & Pedro decided to gather all their own to celebrate their love. When fate insists, you cannot resist …

The first wedding of the year and the last one are really important to me. They open and close the cycle. Season, year.

So this year, starting with Carina & Pedro’s wedding in Miami seemed like a great way to start the season.

First, because Miami is very special to me, there are many things that this “little piece” of land has taught me over the years.

And second, because a bride who calls you a month before her wedding, who has things so clear and hires you. It’s always pretty, but when you read their love story… you already fall back and are looking forward to seeing them together to see how they look at each other.

They decided the last day and when I say the last I say is the last, that in the end they did not dress in different places and that they wanted to dress together in the same house but without seeing each other.

They reminded me of Ana & Elena, again the fun was served :).

Just like Ana Encabo and I decided to go to this wedding together (after the bride thought it was okay for her to go with a second), to continue learning from each other. Because-far far away it was when I was the teacher and she was the student, now is the clear example of when the student surpasses the teacher. I can only feel pride in her and gratitude for being as pretty as she is.

I really am very lucky with my partners, because having a natural wedding photographer style, I think that makes me attract people who are independent of their lifestyle, their socio-cultural status, their way of dressing, their sex, their nationality or their religion, what they really want is for them to portray their emotions and that of all theirs. Make it something natural and spontaneous without neglecting aesthetics for beautiful things like I like to live.

They decided to do a firstlook! And you know what I like! What I do not really know how they were able to be in the same house, hold without looking.

I really admire my partners with all my heart. I do not know if I will ever be in your place, but of course you have much merit to open up like this to me, or to any fellow professional. Let us see one of the most intimate parts of man, with which he feels enormously vulnerable. Expressing love. You are wonderful each and every one of you.

That day Miami was naughty and decided to rain without stopping, but with the umbrella smile they arrived in their beautiful white car and they celebrated the ceremony with laughter, drops and tears.

We all ended up having a messy dinner around the farm, on the floor, on the stairs, on our feet, inside the room.

But there was not a single bad face, it was all laughter, complicity, joy, jumps, dances … that night I was able to witness and I think Ana could say the same, as each and every one of the guests were the mirror of how hearts were Ana & Pedro together.

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