If someone ask me to describe their wedding in three words, I would say LOVE OF THE GOOD.

He did not remember the last time he felt so many emotions locked in the same room. Maybe it was because they decided to dress together but separated by a makeshift screen. Between nervous laughter and furtive caresses always separated by something, they kept secret how they would get to say yes, I want!
However, despite not having eye contact, they never stopped clinging to each other for a single moment. Magic could be felt in every square meter of that room.
It was fun and exciting to be in those moments in the room, I honestly do not know if I could have endured without looking.
Again two cultures came together to celebrate love. It was one of those weddings that everyone cried, but when I say everyone, it is everyone including me. Because the looks can be tremendously sincere, so much so that sometimes they make us gasp when we witness them.

Although it is true that I really enjoy each of my weddings, this one was really special for me. Because until the day came, life was putting tests that were jumping with a smile daily.
So that June 29, when I knocked on the door of her room and we were able to melt into a hug, she automatically put a smile on me that to this day I still have every time I talk to them or see any of their photographs.

We all have hard moments throughout our lives, but even in the worst moments, when I stop, breathe and feel my work, I can only give THANKS to the universe for showing me so much, for showing me the thousand faces of love. And of course to them, for choosing me to tell their story.

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