Amanda & Alexandro’s wedding was elegant and fun at the same time, how could it be otherwise when it comes from the hand of Petit Mafalda. They are great professionals, but in addition to that your personal treatment is so close that they make everything turn out beautiful and the entire team works like a pineapple.

As I always say, I love when two different cultures come together to say yes. Because love I do not understand or sex, nationality or ages.

Amanda is one of those girlfriends who steals your heart from the first conversation you have with her, her nobility and sweetness made her radiate even more, she is like a pretty swan. When she put on the wonderful Berta Bridal dress full of rhinestones, I really fell in love with so much delicacy.

The celebration was in a castle and they made a spectacularly beautiful entrance, with a large cannon of light that guided the way. It was a party from start to finish.

I was lucky to meet Javier López from the video, which for me has been a gift. Of those that I still have and that, although it takes us a while to talk or coincide for a year, when that happens it is as if time had not passed by us.

Being a wedding photographer, takes up a lot of time, especially when you do destination weddings, which mine are more than 90%. Although they are within Spain, I always have to travel. What makes your social life is reduced to a minimum. So it is fortunate when you meet such wonderful people, be they clients or colleagues. That day is like raising a family so that everything turns out idyllic. Or at least that’s how I feel about my job.

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