Ales, a goddess for my eyes



Ales, a goddess for my eyes… that’s how I call her. First of all I want to say that this post is going to be an “extreme” thinness for those who like to comment on other people’s bodies. I have been criticized by a photo that I uploaded, and I want to say, first of all that she is not a model, that she eats carrot cakes, that she has the body of a dancer because she was one for years, that she is a person who eats everything, luckly not retaining fat, I say luckily because she has strength, will to live, she is always doing things, motivated, creative… and I swear that when I contracted the disease of anorexia with my 16 years, going through periods of bulimia and getting back to anorexia… I didn’t wanted anything that I have mentioned. Luckily I was able to be cured, many, many years have passed. Now I have 8 kg more than I usually have being healthy, being within my complexion. And surely is the point in my life where I want more and like my exterior less, but I ACCEPT myself, and ACCEPT my outside. I am telling this because as well as comment on excess weight creates problems, it also happens when it is on the other end. It is something I have to, Ales told me yesterday, with a waned tone of voice, nothing to do with her. Actually there was a picture that I told her that it didn’t matter if she gained weight in the arm, and I again say… no… I also don’t like it at all.

(This was her gesture). But no, I’m not sorry!, I do sessions with brides, not models, I won’t fatten them!, I REFUSE TO DO IT, because I wanted to take photos by their essence, for that swan that they are for me, because it reminds me of the story of the ugly duckling that my mom used to tell me every night, because I was crying, feeling ugly, because it gives me strength, because if you visit her instagram you may understand how special she is!!!! AT LEAST FOR ME, everything she writes makes me think and rethink. ENOUGH, fofisano, is in fashion, guauuuuuu, and within a few years perhaps, the “fat”, then, do we throw these people into the fire?. I understand as a former sick that these girls want to have this body and I encourage them, but the guilty of the disease is not in these pictures, is in education, in which they don’t teach us to love ourselves as we are and accept that each one of us are different, and I think that I speak with a knowledge of cause, for have been in the “dark” side of the thinness imposed by my head and not by my constitution, that a person to speak only by fashion or sadly envy. May we learn to love our body and give thanks for what we have, because precisely people who most have criticized some of these photos, are everyday in the gym struggling to lose weight…

Ales, is on my life by her writings, because of the importance of time, because our paths in the suffering through a stage of our life shocked us and I had the need to photograph it… It was how I got in touch with her thanks to instagram. This time, my friend Belen from Bebas Closet, which on this day was giving birth to her beautiful twins, my cute Susana from Suma Cruz and the great Regina Capdevilla, I love how she makes up so naturally, we decided to get together to make some photos where no rules or directions are followed, photos that presented us the personality of Ales… She also was photographed smoking, yes, and it is bad, very bad, in fact, I hate the smell of tobacco in my clothes, but that’s her, and I love her the way she is, and I always want to photograph natural things, whether I like them or not, whether I want them for me or not. But things that exist, that are transmitted to me, that you can smell, feel…Notebok by Dipapel.


Ales says:

Everyone deserves an opportunity, although not coincide in space or time, but at least have an unwelcome opportunity that something happens.

That is beautiful, isn’t it?

This is me, and I have a little more to add.

Inopportune, all my life.

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